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kalevala dancebox

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kalevala dance by:
pink panther

comment by teacher

It is cool to be with so many in the box, and at the same time almost doing nothing.

folding the arms, a sloppy hand movement,pushing someones head away, a little hop, taking of the cloths, but what does almost doing nothing mean to this bunch of people who are so focused towards the camera.

they are not posing for the camera, they are watching themselves on the monitor under the camera to check who takes the initiative for the next movement. perhaps some are in this way posing for themselves, like positioning yourself in the mirror, the etarnal loop of
seff-refective narcism.

I can not help it, since Jerome Bel and Raimund Hoghe i see always Benneton images when i see young dancers in t-shirts standing together. it is still very sexy to be young and present yourself together in a group of other young people.

on stage i also almost do nothing. But i do nothing to allow death to come in. i love this contemplation of death in my way of percieving and being in the world. i can not help it, i am dying every minute, i am 48 already and i like it. death is sweet to me.

and where is the death in this picture. it does not mirror itself in the camera. it does not appear in the minds of all these people, who are testing their creaitivity in very minimal acts.

death thinks its cool enough to come when the shirts become tight, to come with old age.

death is a wise old man.

a kiss of death to all

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