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uncut & natural 
Unbenanntes Dokument
write a poem/saying/statement for my campaign.

the vienna poetry school is devoting a class at the "virtual academy" in support of the campaign "against female sexual mutilation", conducted by the somalian author waris dirie.

those interested in participating, have the opportunity to communicate directly with waris dirie. for easier and faster communication, the contributions should be in english under the headline "uncut & natural", limited up to 300 characters.

waris dirie herself, as far as her time allows, will comment on the participants most interesting contributions. the "exercise" has the purpose to make the fact more widely known that today, in 28 countries of our world, sadly enough, the mutilation of female sexorgans is being practised as a matter of course. "according to most recent estimates, 115 mio to 130 mio women now living have been subjected to varying degrees of genital mutilation" (www.desert

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