schule für dichtung

      curd duca / micro.sound.poetry
date: 22.-24. 8. 2003
place: bali/indonesia (hotel risata/kuta)

creating electro-acoustic poems from vocal sounds. self-spoken lines (or words or fragments) or sampled snippets (from tv, radio, video, cd, the street) will be manipulated on the computer by using cuts, collages, layers, loops ... digital processing of all kinds. the results can range from subtle manipulations to "cut- up-massacres" that leave nothing but abstract sound.

evaluation criteria:
inventiveness and originality in production and sound design ... dadaistc non- chalance ... sophistication in choice of raw material (= text) ... intensity of presentation ... emotional charge ... graceful placement in acoustic space ...

/ soundfile 1 - changa mix . . .
/ soundfile 2 - class mix . . .

composer ... born 1955 ... lives in austria and india ... degree in architecture .. since 1990 solo projects with electronic music ... various works for film, video, multi-media, art installations, radio, and tv ... reviews/articles in various european and american media ... performances in vienna, berlin, paris, barcelona, london, nyc, miami, and more

former classes:
- micro poetry, academy 2001
- mp3 poetry, academy 2000