schule für dichtung

      ide hintze / sound poetry pop
date: 22.-24. 8. 2003
place: bali/indonesia (hotel risata/kuta)

"this course involves exercises with the voice: working beyond the alphabetic code, creating poems for the human voice. students compose 1-, 2- and 3-voice poems, choric and phonetic poems. we will use some of the recorded results + some drum&bass-beats; for the production of a simple popsong."

/ pictures from the course . . .

preparations: trust your voice, look for your own tone, forget about grammar, syntax & semantics for a while!

copyright: a. krinzinger/sfd

sound poet, writer, performance artist, songwriter. born in vienna in 1953, which is where he began studying theatre and communication-science which led to his extensive explorations into soundpoetry, choral, visual and performance poetries. in 1991 he founded and currently serves as director of the vienna poetry school. he has taught in boulder / usa, hanoi / vietnam, frankfurt / germany, rome / italy and vienna / austria, and has given reading and performance tours across europe, cuba, argentina, colombia and vietnam: he took part in the 2001 version of the "international poetry festival" in jakarta and yogya. he is author of several books (1987 "the golden flood", 2001 "authors as revolutionaries"), cds (1992 "30 rufe", 2002 "ampf"), videos (1984 "nanzen 1", 1987 "nanzen 2") and internet-projects (1995 "ippoi", 1998 "icons") and is editor of a series of books on "the learn- & teachability of literature".

former classes:
- european loveletter, academy 2001
- european loveletter, academy 2000
- internet-icons, academy 1997