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      made taro / balinese oral tradition
date: 22.-24. 8. 2003
place: bali/indonesia (made taro's studio)

balinese oral tradition. the modern world makes many people forget how to tell stories. this class will explore the forgotten ability to orally tell stories, using the sample in balinese oral tradition.
language: bahasa indonesia

made taro (karangasem, bali 1939) studied archeology in universitas udayana, denpasar, bali. the study led him to an attraction to exploration and preservation of folklore, folk game as well as folksongs. he established a studio and theater group kukuruyuk in 1979. kukuruyuk studio serves as a kind of laboratory for the (re)creation of folklore and folksongs. made taro taught in indoensia as well as in darwin, australia. he published more than 15 books.