schule für dichtung
      ayu utami + denise jannah / mini narration and melody
date: 22.-24. 8. 2003
place: bali/indonesia (hotel risata/kuta)

to write is to narrate in a way that explores at least three different experiences of sense, emotion and reason. these three modes will be explored to create a very short yet complex, mini story. the results will be put into melody.
language: indonesia & english

ayu utami, born 1968, is an indonesian novelist, journalist, political activist and member of the "cultural centre utan kayu", where a group of activists run a theater, a galerie, a bookshop , a café and a radiostation in jakarta. with her novel "saman" she took the indonesian literary scene by storm. "saman" deals with the political situation and the problems between the different religious groups on the indonesian archipelago, suggests the possibility of a feminised radical activist movement in contemporary indonesia through its female protagonists and has been hailed as a celebration of 'girl-power' and female sexuality. "saman" was first published in 1998 and was winner of the indonesian literary competition in the same year. in the year 2000, ayu utami was conferred the dutch "prince claus award." "larung" ayu utami's second book was published in the year 2000. ayu utami lives in jakarta.
publications: saman (kalam: kepustakaan populer gramedia); larung (kpg: k. kebud)

denise jannah (suriname/the netherlands) is one of the greatest jazz-singers in the world. she recorded her first jazz-album take it from the top while she was still studying at music school. she toured in the us, japan en chile, and played on the renown festivals such as north sea jazz (seven times), pori, charleston, and barbados. her album i was born in love with you was released in the summer of 1995 on blue note: �her voice is so direct, the delivery so fresh and clear that she will surely withstand the test of time� (jazztimes). in 1994 she received an edison award for her second blue note album a heart full of music which was recorded in new york with cyrus chestnut and billy hart. denise jannah's latest album the madness of our love was released in 1999 to favourable reviews. in 2000 festival winternachten commissioned her to put poems to music, selected by the dutch 'poet laureate' gerrit komrij. since then she has continued to establish a repertoire of poems from suriname, the dutch antilles, the netherlands and south-africa.

former classes:
- ayu utami - the writing of masochism, academy 2001