schule für dichtung
      bernhard widder / into the mystic (with ordinary terms)
date: 16.-23. 6. 2003
place: kerouac school, boulder/usa

the title is a quote from van morrison�s seminal early solo album from the late 60s. i want to dedicate the themes of the course to the poetics of christian loidl (1957-2001). using as stratum a body of earlier poems by the late austrian avantgarde essayist, critic, poet and performance artist, i�ll demonstrate the literary possibilities with mystic experience and (self) ironical observation of everyday life, or sarcastic political comment, in loidl�s poems often appearing within a few lines. starting from shorter poems of christian loidl�s, the participants are welcome and invited to explore a range of juxtaposed images or subjects and combine diverse aspects into a poetic work.

born 1955 in linz, austria. lives in vienna, austria. studies of architecture at vienna university of technology. graduated 1985. extensive travels in europe, turkey, north and south america since 1973. has published four volumes of poetry, a travelogue on brittany (france), a monograph about the austro-american bauhaus artist herbert bayer (1900-1985), various anthologies and translations from english and spanish (recently, �troubairitz� by anne waldman). readings and lectures in europe, at naropa (1997), at various mexican universities (1998), in medell�n, colombia (1998) and rosario, argentina (2000). widder�s poems have been translated and published since 1987 in various magazines and anthologies in slovenia, serbia, macedonia, romania, poland, lithuania, italy, france, great britain, mexico, colombia and argentina.