schule für dichtung

class in acoustic poetry -

june 2009 to may 2010

the mediation of acoustic poetry has a long tradition in the history of the schule für dichtung (‘vienna school of poetry’), or sfd. in the course of its 15-year existence, authors, sound poets and sound artists such as ernst jandl, gerhard rühm, henri chopin, sainkho namtchylak and curd duca – to name but a few – have all taught at the school, giving instruction in the theory and practice of a wide variety of directions and subgenres of acoustic poetry.

now, in 2009/10, the sfd is offering a class in acoustic poetry, in the form of regular workshops that explore the various possibilities of making literary combinations of language, voice, writing and sound. the workshops will provide a thorough grounding in the practice, history and theory of acoustic poetry, and also investigate multimedia approaches, the basis of text-sound composition, live performance and recording and studio technology.

together with the class teachers, the participants will not only design a performance evening but, as a conclusion of the five-part series of workshops, also produce a cd in a professional recording studio. renowned authors and sound artists will be invited to join the programme as guest speakers.
the locations, computers, audio software and audio equipment will be provided by the sfd.

class teachers:

christoph amann

* 1961
after instrumental studies at the conservatory of feldkirch, he completed the first part of his medical studies at the university of vienna, before studying computer music at the university of music and the performing arts in vienna. involvement in various cultural initiatives (incl. the co-founding of the music venue ‘flex’ and the freien radios wien (‘free radio of vienna’). since 1992 he has been responsible for the sound and image archive, as well as sound engineering, at the literaturhaus in vienna. since 1995 he has run his own sound studio in the 7th district of vienna.

juergen berlakovich

* 1970
author and sound artist. studies of german philology, philosophy and theatre science. performances, texts, music (also for films), radio plays, sound essays and audio caricatures. employs language, among other things, as the starting point for electronically produced compositions and improvisations. co-initiator of the music and literature performance project "sergej mohntau" ( member of the "gemüseorchester“ (

mia legenstein

* 1979
study of music science. certificate of the sae institute: electronic music producer.
member of the sound poetry duo “legéNi” (installations, performances, sound poetry theatre); co-founder of a sound artist collective (sound studio in “k48”, 1070 vienna): electronic sound installations, performances, appearances as live artist and dj in austria and abroad; training: phonetics, singing, performance, courses at the sfd and on various instruments.

jörg piringer ´

* 1974
works as a freelance artist and academic in the fields of electronic music, radio art, sound poetry, visual poetry, interactive collaborative systems, online communities, performance, sound installations, computer games, video art and poetic software. member of the "gemüseorchester“ ( (institut für transakustische forschung)

program 1st block

thursday 11.6.:
19:00 – 21:00 round of introductions, organisational matters, teachers present their work, students may show pieces of their own artistic work

friday 12.6.: introduction to the topic
11:00 – 14:00 introduction acoustic poetry: history, technique
15:00 – 18:00 voice- & audiotechnique: introduction

saturday 13.6.: praxis & theory
11:00 – 14:00 body- & voice-work, sounds, introduction phonetics
15:00 – 18:00 mixing table, micro & tape

sunday 14.6.: digital
14:00 – 18:00 introduction to ableton live

insgesamt: 18 h

homework: testing, experimentalise, playing


5 blocks of approx 18 hours of teaching, each lasting from thursday evening to sunday evening

in addition: private tutorials

1st block: 11.6. – 14.6.09

2nd block: 3.9. – 6.9.09

3rd block: 19. – 22.11.09

4th block: 18.2. – 21.2.2010

5th block:
march 2010: to be announced (+ final presentation)

april 2010: cd presentation

(stand: may 2009)

registration fee: 500,- €

limited no. of places available

teaching language: english (german)

registration form