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kalevala dancebox

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kalevala dance by:
domenico giustino

comment by teacher

wow, this is a very nice example of pathetic acting, two singing moustaches, two very deep fellows, having a hard time to controle their inner emotions till the moment they can sing it out freely. i also like the fact they are wearing the same costumes and have the same hairdo´s. really brothers in crime.

but do we believe them in all their expressive actions? Yes i want to believe them. guys who take such a deep breath before they do something i want to believe. but to trust them, that is another story. It ,si easy to believe such a pathos, i really like to beleive such things, but can i trust it.

here we reach the bottom of my existenz as a spectator, i am so easily seduced by people on stage, i so easily fall in love with someone on stage, but what does it mean?

and to be honest this happens to me not only on stage, what does this all mean, so why am i seduced so easily, why do we sing all this osngs about love.

yes, why, do be do be doo

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