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kalevala dancebox

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kalevala dance by:
csilla nagy

comment by teacher

why do people take tattoos. although i can not see what this tattoo represents. it looks to me very powerfull as if it has a life of its own, it looks like a scarabee, this holy egyptian insect.

it rules at the base of the spine of the woman, it is not an parasite, it is her motor, it controles her, this animal tells her how she must move, how she must live.

so this tattoo has nothing to do with protection against evil, it has to do with desire, a desire to be lead to the other side.

on the other side, there is a whole world waiting for us, we must learn to think as an insect who creeps in the dark corners of our world, and of our minds.

the world can be as dark as the sunglasses we are wearing.

we can not accept the light of the sun, when we are interested in going to the dark side.


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