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kalevala dancebox

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kalevala dance by:
pink panther

comment by teacher

it look slike a striptease in a returned version, most of the time we (like to)see people undressing...

lets return this version again and imagine it, in the other direction, so that they begin where they end now, that they walk into the image, one after the other and then suddenly they hasten themselves to get rid of all the clothes, and when they are naked they end in a starting position to run.

in both version it is the speed what makes the scene, in the "i put my clothes on" version they show the game who is the first to be totally dressed, in the striptease imagined version they battle for who is the first who is undressed.

is there a big difference between getting dressed or undress, in this one minute clip. i do not think so.

but in a book of martin amis, i think, it was totally significant to return the line of the history. one person watched auschwitz and saw how the ashes of people went into an oven,and became a pile of dead bodies,they carried this pile to a building, where gaz disappeared in a showerlike installation, and the pile of dead bodies became a bunch of living bodies again, who wlaked out of the building and got their hair from people who razed them, and got suitcaes with belongings before they were sent into the train, and after a long ride, they were more refreshed than before and were brought to houses, where everything was waiting for them, with nice furniture and were they had a happy live.

in this case, it is so much better to turn the line of the history, and what instead of dying on old age, we could disappear as a baby in a mothers womb.

how many thoughts can one minute in the box produce. too many?


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